The Odd C

Why did I call this game:


Well, because the spaceship in the game is shaped like the letter “C”.

The Odd C

Yes, it’s also a bad pun on one of western civilization’s most popular & enduring stories: “The Odyssey

Ok, so “TheOddC” = The Odyssey.  But, WHY?

Well, I’m making a game that will take you on a long adventure through a wide variety of different challenges.  The Odyssey is a great  structure to hang a variety of missions & adventures.  And, it provides a connecting story arc.

However, the Odyssey is dated.  It encompasses, “the world as we knew it” back 3,000 years ago.  The universe as we know it, has become far bigger since then.  So, I brought the story into the future, changing all of the names, but paying respect to the overall themes & story.

If you have other ideas for missions, sub-missions, etc., please contact me, as I plan on making more updates & love to hear from you.