About Us


What is TheOddC?  

The Odd C is the name of the game.

The Odd C is the name of the spaceship in the game that’s shaped like a big letter “C”.

The game is a phone/tablet game where you solve puzzles as you take adventures.  What you build in one level, you use in the next levels.  Need fuel?  Build it!  Need rockets?  Build those too!

You build things, using chemistry.  But, for young kids (& adults who want to just relax), don’t worry!  You’re just combining colorful balls!  It just so happens that those colorful balls & combinations are in fact real chemical representations of the materials you’re building.

Who built this?

My name is John.  I’m an independent developer,  father,  game player, & a few other things.   I’ve been building software & hardware for decades, & got sick of doing middle-management work at corporate life, & now am free to pursue building more playful things that also can subtly teach people science concepts.


I believe learning is inherently fun.   Games can make learning even more fun!

Too often, a person’s first introduction to chemistry & physics is to “sit down, shut up, be still”, while a teacher who doesn’t always care, sometimes drones on in a monotone, teaching by memory rather than understanding.  This unfortunately can turn off people to the lifetime of exploration in science fields.

(Luckily, I had great science teachers growing up!  I know there are many great teachers out there, & they need more credit!  I’m just saying, there are plenty of kids who are turned off of science each day.)

I believe that if I create a game that’s “fun first”, I can deliver the introductory concepts of chemistry & physics in a way that makes kids love science.