The Odd C

Why did I call this game:


Well, because the spaceship in the game is shaped like the letter “C”.

The Odd C

Yes, it’s also a bad pun on one of western civilization’s most popular & enduring stories: “The Odyssey

Ok, so “TheOddC” = The Odyssey.  But, WHY?

Well, I’m making a game that will take you on a long adventure through a wide variety of different challenges.  The Odyssey is a great  structure to hang a variety of missions & adventures.  And, it provides a connecting story arc.

However, the Odyssey is dated.  It encompasses, “the world as we knew it” back 3,000 years ago.  The universe as we know it, has become far bigger since then.  So, I brought the story into the future, changing all of the names, but paying respect to the overall themes & story.

If you have other ideas for missions, sub-missions, etc., please contact me, as I plan on making more updates & love to hear from you.


Game Overview:

TheOddC is a game where you explore 3D worlds and puzzles as you take an adventure full of playful discovery.

Along the way, you might notice that the puzzles are teaching you key science concepts, particularly chemistry & astronomy.

For phone/tablets.

Start Here:


Click “Play” of course, & be taken to the main map:


What’s the story?

The kids are staying at Grandmother’s Ship off the rings of Saturn when they get an urgent call from home!   What happens next?

Oh, and their spaceship is shaped like a big letter C, & is called” The Odd C”.  (Yes, it’s a silly futuristic adaptation of the classic “The Odyssey”.)

Each click on that map takes you to a set of missions & adventures, where you explore & are challenges to solve puzzles.

From the map, choose a mission, say, “Prepare for the Journey”:



Here, you build water & fuel for your trip.  You build it by combining colorful balls in a particular way. (And, those ways are in fact valid simplified chemical reactions modeled at the molecular scale!)

mission_1And, finally, this is where you are PLAYING:


Mission complete!  Did you get any high scores?  How much water did you build?


3D Play:

In other levels, you are exploring planets, often using those supplies you just built up molecule-by-molecule:

titan And, when your ship gets damaged, you must repair it:

repairAnd, build up advanced materials directly on the crystal lattice:


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